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Leave Your Dental Anxiety At The Door

Dental anxiety can have more significant consequences than just avoiding dental visits. Often, patients with dental concerns that require immediate attention from experienced oral surgeons like J. Brian Jackson, DMD, MD, and John Roberson, DMD, may not even realize they have a serious dental issue developing. If an oral surgical office’s sights, sounds, or odors trigger fear and anxiety, IV sedation is a potential solution.

At Midtown Oral and Facial Surgery in Hattiesburg, MS, we offer IV sedation to help our patients enjoy their dental appointments without fear and apprehension. Our IV sedation services are designed to create a relaxed environment, allowing you to receive the necessary dental care to maintain oral health and function for many years!

Doctor during dental procedure within the dental operating room

IV Sedation from Oral Surgery Experts

IV sedation is administered through an IV to alleviate anxiety and induce relaxation. While most patients experience a dream-like sensation as the anesthesia circulates through their bodies and remain awake, some may drift asleep. This form of sedation is typically utilized during intricate procedures, including dental implants or wisdom teeth removal, as we recognize that certain patients may grapple with intense fear or anxiety, making procedures daunting or uncomfortable. That’s why we provide IV sedation as a convenient solution for many patients.

Benefits of IV Sedation

Maintain Excellent Oral Health Without Worry

To ensure we provide minimally invasive, efficient, and comfortable visits, we provide dental anesthesia options, like IV sedation, to those suffering from dental anxiety. IV sedation provides the ideal solution, allowing Drs. Jackson and Roberson to create stress-free visits you’ll eagerly anticipate.

Dental fear and anxiety differ from patient to patient, and we deeply understand that not all patients are the same, and we don’t treat you as such. We offer modern sedation dentistry options and services for patients with minimal to more severe dental anxiety to ensure every patient is comfortable, relaxed, and happy from when they come in for their appointment to when they leave.

You Deserve Personalized, Comfortable Care.

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