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Wisdom Teeth Create Difficulties

Wisdom teeth – the last set of molars to “come in” – are notorious for erupting later in life. Typically popping through the gums in your late teens or early 20s, wisdom teeth can impact your adjacent teeth if there isn’t enough room in your mouth. Even if you can’t see your wisdom teeth through your gums, it doesn’t mean they aren’t causing an array of dental issues just below the surface.

Wisdom teeth can cause dental issues by emerging at an angle due to not having enough room or even causing harm to neighbor molars. This can increase crowding issues, create pain and discomfort, and can even lead to cysts or infections that can be harmful to your oral health. J. Brian Jackson, DMD, MD, and John Roberson, DMD can treat your wisdom tooth removal need with compassion and precision so you can continue to wear your healthiest, best-looking smile!

Are You Affected By Your Wisdom Teeth?

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction with Drs. Jackson and Roberson

Pain and discomfort, crowding, and shifting can begin with wisdom tooth eruption, which can cause many oral health issues if there isn’t enough room in the mouth. Since wisdom teeth erupt so late in life, there typically isn’t enough room for them to come in and set properly in your mouth. If you begin to experience pain, repeated infection of soft tissue behind the lower last tooth, or cysts, wisdom tooth extraction may be necessary.

We don’t want you to wait until your wisdom teeth are causing you immense pain. Drs. Jackson and Roberson offer full-scope oral surgery treatments, including wisdom tooth removal, to ensure your oral health remains intact. We encourage you to make an appointment with Drs. Jackson and Roberson to see if our wisdom tooth removal process is right for you!

Are wisdom teeth impacting your oral health?

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