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Tooth Extractions Offer Relief—and an Opportunity

Infected and damaged teeth can cause pain so severe that eating, drinking, and even sleeping becomes a challenge. Although we always recommend saving natural teeth, if a tooth is unsalvageable, we advise a tooth extraction to save your overall health. Left in place, a sick tooth can compromise the surrounding teeth, bone, and gums and cause lasting pain.

With expert training, J. Brian Jackson, DMD, MD, and John Roberson, DMD are considered specialists in tooth extractions. With expertise developed through years of additional training after dental school, our oral surgeons are prepared for any eventuality. We welcome patients with pre-existing conditions and frequently take cases others turn away. We also offer the comprehensive services patients need during tooth extraction, such as sedation, as well as after to restore the missing tooth, which can include bone grafting and dental implants.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we not only provide a comfortable surgical experience, but we’re also able to replace your unsalvageable tooth immediately after extraction with a natural-looking dental implant. In just one day we can remove the cause of your pain and provide a new source of confidence. If you’re looking for a trusted oral surgeon for your tooth extraction in Hattiesburg, MS, see one that can provide the complete care you need for a functional, lasting, and healthy smile.

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Our Tooth Extraction Process

At Midtown Oral & Facial Surgery in Hattiesburg, MS, we are experienced in performing tooth extractions with utmost care and prioritize your comfort throughout the entire process. Upon your arrival, we’ll guide you to your private surgical suite, where we will administer the anesthesia discussed during your consultation to ensure you feel relaxed and experience no pain during the procedure. For cases involving impacted teeth, additional steps may be needed to access the tooth and remove its roots, but rest assured that each phase will be thoroughly explained to you beforehand.

Our oral surgeons will extract the tooth from its socket and suture the surgical site. Once you wake up from surgery, we’ll discuss potential options for tooth restoration, such as bone grafting and dental implants. These restorative procedures can help replace the extracted tooth, ensuring both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Our team will provide detailed post-extraction instructions to facilitate a smooth and speedy recovery, and if necessary, we may prescribe medication to minimize any discomfort during the healing period. Our goal is to support you through every stage of the process, from extraction to potential tooth replacement, and to ensure the best possible outcome for your oral health and well-being.

Doctor performing dental procedure surgery with patient inside of dental partice

Make Way for an Upgrade

Your tooth extraction shouldn’t be the last stage of your treatment. Apart from wisdom teeth, we frequently recommend replacing extracted teeth with dental implants. The only permanent tooth replacement, dental implants look and act just like natural teeth due to their similar structure—post (tooth root) and restoration (tooth crown).

The dental implant post is surgically inserted into your jawbone to take the place of your extracted tooth root and includes the added benefit of stimulating healthy bone growth. Once this post has integrated fully with the bone, a custom dental crown is permanently attached using an abutment (connector piece).

This tooth will look identical to your natural teeth and provide all the same functional benefits. Receiving this care from a surgical specialist with expert training in dental implants, you will likely be able to have a dental implant placed during the same visit as your tooth extraction. It’ll be as if you’d never had a tooth extracted in the first place!

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