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What Is Platelet-Rich Fibrin?

Utilizing Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF), a revolutionary therapy taps into your body’s innate healing potential to expedite tissue regeneration and encourage optimal recovery. In the PRF procedure, a small blood sample is centrifuged to separate its components, yielding a concentrated gel-like substance abundant in platelets, growth factors, and white blood cells. When strategically applied, PRF triggers the release of potent growth factors, catalyzing cellular repair and tissue regeneration.

This advanced technique is significant in surgical dentistry, particularly oral surgery, periodontal treatments, and implantology. PRF accelerates the healing process while simultaneously elevating the quality of tissue formation. This results in quicker recovery, reduced inflammation, and improved surgical outcomes. Rooted in your body’s inherent resources, PRF offers a secure and natural avenue, rendering remarkable benefits in promoting surgical healing and rejuvenating well-being.

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The Benefits of PRF

How we Use PRF in Surgical Treatments

At Midtown Oral and Facial Surgery, we have perfected a meticulous process for PRF implementation in oral surgery. A small blood sample is drawn from the patient and processed using a specialized centrifuge to concentrate platelets, growth factors, and white blood cells. The resulting PRF, gel-like concentrate, is strategically applied to surgical sites.

This method facilitates the gradual release of potent growth factors, initiating cellular repair and promoting rapid tissue regeneration. Our carefully honed PRF process ensures that patients undergoing oral surgery experience enhanced healing minimized post-operative discomfort, and optimized treatment outcomes, all within a safe and natural framework.

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Quality Recovery, Affordable Care

Thankfully, PRF treatment is cost-effective as it utilizes components directly from the patient. This enables patients to prioritize transformative dental procedures that can significantly enhance their well-being, all while reaping the advantages of PRF therapy. Midtown Oral and Facial Surgery collaborates with various insurance providers and third-party financing options, ensuring accessible dental treatment and preventing anyone from missing out on a healthy smile.

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