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Committed to providing full-scope oral and maxillary facial surgery services that are filled with compassion and precision, we make it our mission to provide care that exceeds your expectations with every visit. While our oral surgical office is fully equipped to address your moderate to more complex oral surgery concerns, we take great pride in making it a comfortable, gentle, and personalized experience. You can expect to enjoy the atmosphere of our oral surgical office, which was carefully designed to make your visit with us more relaxing and inviting while waiting for your appointment.

Our oral surgeons, J. Brian Jackson, DMD, MD, and John Roberson, DMD, offer not only exceptional and comprehensive techniques but are backed by our latest dental innovations right here in our oral surgical office. We truly believe that oral surgical care should never lack character or personalization, which is why our oral surgeons, Drs. Jackson and Roberson go to great lengths to ensure every procedure is met with efficiency, gentleness, and personal touch.

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Innovative Technologies For Healthy Smiles

While backed by science, experience, and education, our Hattiesburg, MS oral surgeons, Drs. Jackson and Roberson exceed patient expectations and create comfortable oral surgical visits while obtaining and maintaining excellent oral health in patients. Trained in chrome-guided surgeries, 3D design, milling and printing technology, and digital imaging, oral surgeons, Drs. Jackson and Roberson are able to provide a wide range of dental procedures right here in our office in a matter of a few visits.

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to offer error-free procedures with precision and ease. Drs. Jackson and Roberson are exceptional oral surgeons with decades of experience and training in the latest in dental technology to ensure he is offering you all that dentistry has to offer.

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