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Innovative Technology For Restored Smiles

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Modern Dentistry For Complete Smiles

Advanced dental technology can offer unmatched advantages to your health, your smile, and your overall dental experience. As many dental procedures become more intricate and complex, we can offer world-class care with precision, error-free accuracy, and success with the help of our dental laboratory. At Midtown Oral and Facial Surgery, we’ve invested in the latest, most advanced technology to provide you and your family the level of care you deserve.

With continued education and training, J. Brian Jackson, DMD, MD, and John Roberson, DMD have been able to produce more reliable and positive smile results more quickly with less pain and discomfort and minimal downtime. With our full mouth dental implant lab, we are focused on making your smile appear its best after your appointment.

Advanced In-House Technology

A CBCT scanner captures a series of 3D X-ray images, producing a comprehensive view of your teeth, jawbone, and surrounding structures. This advanced technology allows Drs. Jackson and Roberson to obtain detailed and accurate information for precise diagnosis, treatment planning, and evaluating conditions like impacted teeth, dental implants.

An intraoral camera is a small, handheld device used to capture detailed images of the inside of your mouth. It is equipped with a tiny camera that can be maneuvered easily to view different angles and areas in the oral cavity. By providing real-time visuals, the intraoral camera allows our oral surgeons to accurately diagnose and educate patients about their oral health conditions, facilitating better communication and informed decision-making during treatment planning.

Our full mouth dental implant lab also houses our 3D printer, which designs highly accurate orthodontic models, restorations, dentures, aligners, retainers, crowns, and even bridges with precision down to the very last detail to ensure your brand-new tooth or a full arch of teeth are exact

Our dental lab even offers chrome guides that preplan the entire dental implant procedure before it even begins. This guide provides implant coordination, bone reduction, and prosthetics with a simplified final conversion protocol. This piece of technology allows Drs. Jackson and Roberson offer predictable, precise, and virtually error-free procedures for our affordable dental implants.

Our in-house milling machine is specifically designed for cutting a variety of dental restorations, including crowns, bridges, copings, frameworks, and implant abutments. It utilizes materials such as ceramics, zirconia, alloys, resins, and wax to craft precise and customized dental prosthetics. This technology allows for efficient and accurate fabrication, ensuring high-quality dental solutions for our patients.

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More With Dental Technology

Dental technology offers more. More advanced procedures. More comfortable experiences. More Predictable results. With every patient appointment, your procedure will be met with the benefits of our dental lab: precision and predictability. As one of the most considerable benefits of dental technology, predictable surgeries are nearly error-free as Drs. Jackson and Roberson can foresee any potential setbacks in the treatment plan so we can fix them right away, way before your surgery even begins.

Since our dental lab houses technology that accurately creates orthodontic necessities, we can ensure that your treatment will be extremely precise as every detail is calculated and tailored to your mouth specifically. Our technology provides shorter procedure times and even faster recoveries as they are minimally invasive. With modern dentistry, we take the guesswork out of every treatment so you can enjoy a smile that is truly crafted for you.

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