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Expert Relief for Complex TMJ Issues

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ), responsible for connecting your lower jaw to your skull, is one of your body’s most intricate components. This ball-in-socket arrangement facilitates various lower jaw movements, enabling activities like biting, chewing, talking, and yawning with ease. Yet, disruptions or injuries to this joint can lead to enduring discomfort, encompassing chronic jaw and joint pain, headaches, teeth grinding, facial muscle soreness, clicking during movement, and even immobility and lockjaw.

For individuals grappling with intricate TMJ issues from injury, osteoarthritis, limited mobility, tumors, or developmental irregularities, relief is attainable through tailored TMJ treatments in Hattiesburg, MS, At Midtown Oral and Facial Surgery, J. Brian Jackson, DMD, MD, and John Roberson, DMD, possess specialized medical, dental, and surgical expertise to provide solutions that alleviate your concerns and restore your daily functionality. While prioritizing conservative approaches, our surgical team is also adept at developing comprehensive surgical strategies, ensuring reliable and enduring results.

What to Expect After TMJ Treatment

Navigating TMJ Treatment Solutions

While our expertise encompasses advanced surgical interventions for TMJ disorder, a less invasive approach might suffice based on your situation. Our modern practice in Hattiesburg, MS, is ready to provide a comprehensive oral examination and consultation. Here, we will delve into your distinct concerns and treatment aspirations. Below, you'll find a selection of highly successful treatment options for TMJ disorders:


Physical Therapy

Enhance jaw muscle mobility and flexibility through targeted exercises, strengthening, and stretching the muscles. Improve blood circulation and alleviate pain using heat and ice therapy. Experience relief from muscle tension and discomfort through massage therapy.


Oral Appliance

Worn over the teeth, a personalized oral appliance prevents grinding and clenching, maintaining proper jaw and teeth alignment. This custom-made device effectively safeguards against these habits, promoting oral health.


Jaw Surgery

The repositioning surgery of the upper or lower jawbone effectively corrects alignment issues. This treatment returns the jaw and teeth to proper alignment, restoring their functional harmony and occlusion. By addressing these aspects, the surgery contributes to improved overall oral health.


TM Joint Replacement

Utilizing a custom-fitted implant, the repair or replacement of the TM joint(s) aims to reestablish comfortable and optimal functioning for everyday movements. This specialized intervention addresses discomfort and limitations, enabling a return to normal jaw activities. The TM joint's functionality is renewed through this procedure, enhancing overall quality of life.

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From Concerned to Confident

Say goodbye to waiting. Opting for TMJ treatment could be a transformative and liberating journey. Ignoring untreated TMJ disorders could lead to various health issues, affecting sleep quality and overall well-being. Our Hattiesburg, MS, oral surgeons offer a chance to rediscover comfortable everyday activities, whether sharing a meal with friends or enjoying family laughter.

If concerns about visiting an oral surgeon are holding you back, rest assured that our practice seamlessly blends advanced clinical expertise, cutting-edge technology, anesthesia services, and a welcoming environment for an unparalleled experience. Should TMJ surgery become necessary, we’re committed to providing comprehensive information and guidance at every stage, ensuring your comfort and understanding. Don’t let lingering TM joint issues control your life. Reach out to our skilled team promptly and embrace a life of improved quality and freedom.

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